The President’s Message

My research quest initiated in the mid-seventies, it focused mainly on the cause of idiopathic Syringomyelia, followed by that of the Arnold-Chiari Syndrome Type I and later, on that of idiopathic Scoliosis. I reached the conclusion that the origin of these conditions, and that of many other associated ones, was an abnormal traction of the spinal cord brought about by a congenitally tenser than usual filum terminale.

I laid the theoretical foundations for a new treatment for these pathologies by means of the surgical sectioning of the Filum Terminale with my doctoral thesis “Contribution to the Etiology of Syringomyelia” (1992). The outcome was the constitution of the health method Filum System®, a protocolised system designed for the diagnosis and the treatment of a new concept of disease, the Filum Disease. The Institut Chiari & Siringomielia & Escoliosis de Barcelona (ICSEB) is in charge of its application and dissemination.

This new Filum Disease exists since the beginnings of mankind and is present in a good part of the world population, possibly being the most frequent disease, but at the same time, the most unknown one to patients given that the majority of manifestations are not taken into account or are considered to be of little importance by patients as well as by health care professionals.

Once the Filum Disease and its treatment had been described, I asked myself: “What has been the point of discovering a new disease and its treatment if it is only going to be recorded as a scientific curiosity in a doctoral thesis or medical publication?”

I had to take on a new task: that of diagnosing all those affected by the Filum Disease and offering them the best solution.

Furthermore, research projects to find other guidelines and treatments remained unresolved; amongst them: the genetic research proposal, the improvements of the surgical techniques and the new neuro-rehabilitative guidelines. I also had to save energy for the dissemination on all levels: as much on the scientific as on the social level and without leaving aside neither the support of patients’ personal instabilities nor those of their environment.

I deemed that setting up the Chiari & Scoliosis & Syringomyelia Foundation (CSSf) in 2008 was the best instrument to further these objectives. With its support, the ICSEB achieved the accomplishment of being the first neurosurgical institute with the maximum RD & I accreditation. It has contributed to the constitution of the Filum Academy Barcelona® where medical and health care training on the Filum Disease has taken place, completely free of charge. It has promoted and met the expenses of meetings for patients and health care professionals in four European countries. It has helped patients without financial resources and defrayed their treatment costs. It has created a transparent and honest social structure with board members of the highest scientific and human level that have tutored the fulfilment of the CSSf’s three objectives: research, teaching and social aid.

We set out to continue with our mission through the CSSf, firmly focused on the patients’ wellbeing and scientific progress.

Therefore we will support every individual, society or initiative that helps patients affected by these conditions, as long as our human, ethical and scientific values are being respected.

Dr. Miguel B. Royo Salvador

Founder and President of the Chiari & Scoliosis & Syringomyelia Foundation


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