Diagnosis and treatment of the Filum Disease. 3rd edition.

Publicado por el 4 July, 2016

The 3rd edition of the course Diagnosis and Treatment of the Filum Disease will be taking place in Barcelona, Spain, between 19 and 23 September 2015, organised by the Filum Academy Barcelona®, and offered by the “Institut Chiari & Siringomielia & Escoliosis de Barcelona”.

This course is aimed at neurosurgeons, neurologists, orthopaedists, traumatologists, general practitioners, rehabilitators and the rest of healthcare professionals interested in the “Filum Disease”.

This new issue will be taught in Polish language. The course rotates of rotating theoretical training with clinical cases and practical activities.

The training looks to strengthen diagnostic, pre- and post-operative managements competences with regards to this group of conditions that, even if they manifest differently, share a common etiology: the anomalous tension exerted by the filum terminale.
We will be providing more information as the date draws closer.


News source: https://institutchiaribcn.com/en/diagnosis-and-treatment-of-the-filum-disease-3rd-edition/

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