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The closure ceremony for the 1st INTERNATIONAL FILUM SYSTEM® SANITARY COURSE took place on Friday, 28 March, at the FILUM ACADEMY BARCELONA® ceremony hall.

This course is the only one officially recognized in order to apply for the accreditation of the FILUM SYSTEM® SANITARY method.

During five intensive workdays the doctors had the chance to learn first hand about the twelve protocols that make up the FILUM SYSTEM® SANITARY, alternating theory with different practical cases.

 “…it is a real pleasure for me to be able count with different excellent professionals amongst my students; professionals that at the time chose to support this new disease concept, the Filum Disease; today’s act does not only involve an International Accreditation, it is also something more, it is an homage to all of the them…” as Dr Miguel B. ROYO SALVADOR emphasized.

Then the Diplomas and Accreditations were awarded by the FILUM ACADEMY BARCELONA® secretary, Mrs Yuka Takahashi, and the Course Director.

Other than the teaching staff, the ceremony also counted with the special collaboration, as an observer, of the secretary of the America Catalonia House, Dr. Dante Torres.

At the ending, the participants were served a glass of cava.

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