Chiari & Scoliosis & Syringomyelia Foundation (CSSf) thanks to the writer Natalia Kalinina.

Publicado por el 22 June, 2016

At Chiari & Scoliosis & Syringomyelia Foundation (CSSf) we are very happy to be able to thank the author Natalia Kalinina for her great gesture with Dr. Miguel B Royo Salvador and Marco V. Fiallos in dedicating her latest novel (already out in bookstores) to them, together with the entire team that forms part of this Neurosurgical Institut.
Natalia Kalinina is one of the internationally widest renowned Russian language authors. Passing through the world of science (she is chemistry and biology teacher) did not hinder her in discovering her bursting literary talent, which has brought her to publish 17 novels and a autobiographic series that enjoy great acceptance amongst the audience. She has sold more that 350 000 copies up to date.
The novel dedicated to Dr Miguel B. Royo Salvador and Dr Marco V. Fiallos, “The secret of the Black Book” is a mystery and passion thriller, but we are not allowed to reveal further details. If you are curious you can access the first pages of the book here:


It is real honour that the author contributes in making the work of the Institut Chiari & Siringomielia & Escoliosis de Barcelona in the struggle against the Filum Disease more widely known. The Foundation would like to thank her again and let her know that we are hoping to read the translated novel soon. What might be the secret hidden in the Black Book?

Manuel M. Royo Salvador

Secretary CSSf


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