A picture is worth more than hundred words

Publicado por el 27 June, 2016

Dear Emmanuelle and Sandrine,

At Chiari & Scoliosis & Syringomyelia Foundation (CSSf) it’s a real privilege to accompany you in this intrepid journey, which, among other and no less praiseworthy, not only has objective the of raising awareness about the seriousness of the pathologies hidden under the generic “The Filum Disaese“, but also to represent a hope for millions of people.

Your effort and that of AISAC.SI.SCO Association, of which I know that Emmanuelle is a fantastic representative, will not go in vain.

Many people will wonder what moves them to put voice and color to a rally as demanding as this one; Many people will find an answer in your example, in the ideal that goes beyond a simple sports competition.

We do not want to distract you on these busy days of yours; just wanted to let you know that at your side, a piece of us, a piece of each of the patients, travels with you.

Take care!



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