Marisa Toscano

The Italian writer Marisa Toscano took part in the event and presented the poem:
El evento contó con la participación de la escritora italiana Marisa Toscano, que presentó la poesía “…E poi Barcellona” to the rhythm La vita è bella by Nicola Piovani, interpreted by the Italian dancer Francesca Ghisio Erba.

Marisa Toscano, a Sicilian writer from Mistretta, is the author o “Simintì”, a collection of prose and poetry. It was published in 2012 under the seal “Centro Stórico”, “the Mistretta’s exemplary symbol and also symbol of a present culture that knows how to resist and suggest without allowing itself to get hung up in the apathy that let’s people fall asleep”, as written by “journalist and writer” Melo Freni un the La Gazzetta del Sud newpaper.



Rosa Grazia Cascio comments on her poems in Sicilian dialect that “they are rich in musicality and sentiment, virtues that can be perceived even without reading the translation”. Her tales are “irresistible because of their style and storyline, wonderful photographs in a big family album, an inexhaustible source of the joy of having a past, of belonging lovingly to a society, a world that is still alive in the memory and in the heart”.

Francesco Maria Di Bernardo Amato remarks about her and her “Simintì”: “She knows how to speak of suffering, that has lifted and been cured; she knows how to speak of death, not as a taboo that should be hidden away, but as an essential part of life itself and the spirit that it holds.”

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