Laura Ierano

Already in 2011, Frencha singer Laura Ierano mentioned Dr. Royo on her album “Eclectic”. Six years later, she presented a mini concert in the 2nd Cultural Event Chiari & Scoliosis & Syringomyelia Foundation, which took place at San Luigi Guanella Theatre in Rome, Italy in October, 2017.



Laura is a singer since she was thirteen years old. Her first album, Eclectic, appeared in 2011 and on it she speaks of love, strength, but also illness. With the help of her brother Anthony and his friend Gianni, she writes her songs in Italian, French and English.

Laura loves the stage, for her it is a means of feeling well, she wrote: “The applause, the emotions, the audience’s response, those are the things that make me feel in love with music”.


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